Fine Art Services

With over 40 years experience, Mayberry Fine Art offers a wide range of art expertise and services, including restoration, archival framing, art storage, shipping, art valuation and collecting – Mayberry Fine Art’s knowledgeable staff are ready to serve you with the best advice.

Art Appraisals & Artwork Valuation

Art appraisals & valuations come from our more than fourty years in the art business and widely knowledgeable staff of the fine art market. The collective experience at Mayberry Fine Art offers particular insight into the interpretation of comparable sales, both public and private. Clientele can depend on accurate art values for a variety of appraisal purposes, including insurance, tax, charitable donation and estate. Mayberry Fine Art appraisal clientele include private collectors, businesses, public institutions and estates.

Treasures in the attic? With Mayberry Fine Art’s experience in the Canadian art market, they are best able to help you establish the value of your family heirloom or garage sale find. MFA offers free verbal evaluations without obligation.

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Picture Framing

The Mayberry Fine Art framing philosophy emphasizes an elegant simplicity, that allows the artwork to speak for itself. MFA staff can suggest appropriate framing for a wide variety of art styles, from antique to contemporary. In order to ensure the long life of your artwork, Mayberry Fine Art stresses the use of museum-quality conservation materials, in the form of rag mats and backings. They offer handcrafted replicas of antique frames, as well as custom designed mats through their various suppliers. The gallery is also able to assist in the repair and refinishing of antique and damaged frames.


Mayberry Fine Art’s concrete gallery vaults make it possible to offer clients secure storage for their valuable artworks. In the past, this service has been useful for clients who are in the process renovating their homes or offices and find themselves in need of secure, temporary storage for their art collections.

Gallery Staff

With locations in Winnipeg and Toronto, Mayberry Fine Art has a diverse and talented group of staff members. Click here to meet the staff.

212 McDermot Ave
Winnipeg MB R3B 0S3

324 Dundas Street West
Toronto ON M5T 1G5

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Leasing + Financing

Mayberry Fine Art rental and leasing programs are a convenient and economical way for clients to build art collections for the home or office. The rental and lease agreements are made directly between the client and Mayberry Fine Art. No outside leasing or finance company is involved. Any single work of art or art collection with a combined value of $500.00 or over may be leased or rented.

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Mayberry Fine Art offers expertise in professional cleaning, restoration, and conservation of paintings, drawings, sculpture and ceramics. MFA staff are fully qualified to assess the condition of damaged or fragile artworks, and will recommend appropriate care and treatment. The Mayberry Fine Art team of highly trained conservators have many years of experience and are able to skillfully remedy the more complicated issues of art restoration. The goal of Mayberry Fine Art is to ensure that artworks are properly conserved and protected for the future.


With over 33 years in the art business, Mayberry Fine Art is uniquely qualified to offer art consultation and advice to assist clients in the acquisition of fine art for the home or office. At the gallery or in your space, we are available to assess your art needs. Mayberry Fine Art brings art buyers and sellers together in a professional and congenial environment.