"The commission process is a very exciting and rewarding process. I always say it's like a compromise between my vision for the painting and the clients. It's an exciting process and I love doing it. I have done many private and corporate commissions all over Canada and various places around the world. Some of my collections include, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Design Factor Homes, Calgary Health Region, Saskatchewan Coalition for Organ Donation, Golfs Resturant Regina, Various Law and Dental Offices, Taurus Realty Group, ATB Financial, H&R Block, Maxim Group, Pulcinella's Resturant, Brookfield and the Town of Banff." - Sheila Kernan


Through my connection with Mayberry Fine Art, private and corporate collectors often commission me to paint site-specific paintings in my unique style. They will often have special requirements with regard to size and shape, in either my landscape or cityscape styles. Each commission can vary slightly, depending on the needs of each client, however typically there are several steps I follow with commissions:
  • Whenever possible I will try and visit the location to measure the space, take some photographs and decide on a concept together with the client. This is sometimes done through the gallery's photographs, as I do commissions for people all over Canada.
  • Over the phone, by email or in person I will talk with the client to get an idea of what they are looking for. I generally ask clients to choose a few favourite paintings from the gallery website, then ask for feedback about what specifically appeals to them about these works. The information gleaned from these interactions allow me to create a unique piece that meets the client's specific requirements.
  • Based on this input, I come up with an original concept based on commonalities between the images the client has chosen. I then compose a compositional sketch, which is run past the client. The sketch can be used to create a digital photograph that approximates how the finished painting will look on the client's wall. Once a timeline has been established and the gallery takes a deposit, I begin work on the final painting.
  • The completed painting is then sent to Mayberry Fine Art for final approval, framing and installation.
Sheila Kernan, born and raised in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, grew up in a family that fostered the arts. After working in Banff following high school, she enrolled in art school, completing a B.F.A at the Alberta College of Art and Design.

Experiencing the world has become an integral part of Shiela's art process. She has travelled all over Canada, Japan, San Francisco and Vegas finding beauty in large urban centers as well as on remote mountaintops. Mesmerized by the energy and excitement of translating her experiences onto canvas, Sheila is attracted to unplanned moments like stumpling upon a pathway that takes you to the top of a tower overlooking downtown San Francisco during sunset, or hiking up a creek and finding herself completely lost in nature.