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Rand Heidinger - Emulsion

Artist Rand Heidinger works with materials which are unconventional and explosive. The art which results from his process can be described the same way.


Rand Heidinger

Rand Heidinger


Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Rand Heidinger has been a visual artist for nearly thirty years.
He is most at home in his studio warehouse located at the edge of a residential and industrial zone in the North End of Winnipeg. This gritty environment plays an important role in the inspiration behind the artist's work, which he creates out of industrial materials and commercial paints, while his background in furniture design, and building custom displays for the film industry, serve as the foundation for his artistic process.

Heidinger applies his breathtaking grasp of color to his unique ability of painting in reverse on acrylic thermoplastic. His paintings are violently composed layers of automotive paint and resin, projected onto the surface of the thermoplastic. As gravity takes hold of the medium, Rand reacts with his own form of controlled accuracy, lending a feeling of spontaneity, depth, texture and luminescence to the visual plane that responds differently under varied lighting.

“My chosen medium can be tenacious and temperamental, as with every new painting I often fight for control…a compromise of sorts.” One looking at Rand’s body of work would be surprised to see such a wide range of emotions frozen within his dynamic compositions. With every painting, Rand continues to push physical and mental boundaries.

Rand’s work can be found in private, corporate and public collections throughout Canada and the United States as well in HRH Prince Phillip’s collection of the ‘Arts for Nature Trust’ in Buckingham Palace.