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If Only We Had Nothing To Say

Ben Skinner

Ben Skinner


In Ben Skinner’s work “Words do not look like the things they designate.*” While at first look his work is glossy and deceptively simple, it takes on deeper themes of relationships, perception and language. Machine-cut lettering in clean fonts present tongue-in-cheek word play, given a further twist by hand-done application of a wide range of both traditional materials like paint with non-traditional materials such as foil and plastics. The end result blurs the boundaries between advertising, design and fine art. In balancing play with precision, Skinner's work echoes high-end signage or crisp product packaging resulting in colour-rich and conceptually nuanced pieces of contemporary Pop Art.

His current solo exhibition I WILL NOT BE ENTRANCED BY NOSTALGIA is a collection of works from the past three years that explore semiotics through mechanical and handmade processes using both traditional and non-traditional art materials. Ben was born in Petrolia, Ontario, and is currently based in Vancouver. He holds a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCAD, 2000) and a MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC, 2003). His multi-discipline practice includes installation, painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture. His work has been shown in Canada, USA, France and Germany.
*Maurice Merleau-Ponty.