Terry Watkinson was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. After high school, he was accepted into the University of Toronto to study architecture. After completing two years, he joined the rock band Max Webster with Kim Mitchell. For the next exciting eight years, he toured with the band throughout North America and Europe playing to sold out audiences, and recording six gold and platinum records. When the band broke up, Terry returned to the University of Toronto and succeeded in achieving the challenging B. Sc. in Medical Illustration. He went on to teach surgical illustration and perspective for the university’s Biomedical Communications program. His illustrations are featured in many medical textbooks and journals. Terry later moved to Winnipeg, where he spent 6 years painting, drawing from previous subject of cityscape, and broadening scope with addition of prairie landscape. In 2011 Terry moved back to Toronto, where he currently resides, and draws from his broad knowledge of Canadian geography in creating his current work. Terry’s paintings incorporate many of his life experiences; from his Thunder Bay childhood can be seen his bond with the Canadian north; from his architectural studies, he incorporates structure, precision, draftsmanship and the science of perspective; from his medical illustration, he draws on his discipline and knowledge of anatomy; and from his music comes rhythm, big gesture, and a sense of lively communication. Drawing from his time in Manitoba he creates beauty in works of prairie expanse, flowing into paintings of changing landscape as he looks eastbound through Lake of The Woods, Thunder Bay, and back home to his current residence of Toronto. Terry Watkinson now lives in Toronto where he creates works of light and wide-open spaces from life’s inspiration.

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