Born in 1923 in Temiscamingue County, Quebec, Rose-Aimee Belanger lives and maintains her studio in Earlton, Ontario. In 1945 she began studies at l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Montreal. She married and raised eight children. It was thirty years later when she was able to return to her love of sculpture. Rose-Aimee Belanger is a sculptor of remarkable figures. Fashioned in clay, sandstone, and bronze the characters she creates are brimming with life and humor. Her subject matter is gleaned from her life experience. Over the years family, friends, and neighbors have also become the subjects of her insightful sculptures, finding them in the midst of their daily pursuits, at work or in repose. Her own work ethic is reflected in her characterizations of people about their daily tasks whether a miner on the job or a mother cradling her infant. Her recognition of the importance of work in our daily lives gives special significance to simple pleasures. The pure delight of a woman eating a chocolate, smelling a bouquet of flowers, or picking blueberries are all suitable subjects for her work. Her characters treasure the joy found in such ordinary pastimes.

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