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Roland Gatin was born and raised on the Prairies, and began his career in sculpting after relocating to Salt Spring Island, BC in 1999. Son of artist Adrienne Bouchard Langlois, the young Gatin was taught an appreciation for the visual arts at an early age, benefitting from the unconscious absorption of basic principles such as line, balance and negative space. A brief time spent living in France allowed the family to take in some of the finest museums in western Europe where Michelangelo made a big impression on the young artist, setting the foundation for further self-directed study into the ancient masters in addition to modern masters such as Rodin, Archipenko and Moore. It was through exposure to the work of Isamu Noguchi however, that Gatin began to develop his own artistic expression. Human sensuality, the dynamic interplay of simple and complex geometric forms and connections are some of the ideas reflected in his work. Through his forms, Gatin strives to explore artistic idioms ranging from Classical realism to Cubism, often incorporating elements from multiple styles within the same piece. Through what began as an adaptation to the often lacking resources of stone in his area, Gatin developed his characteristic method of construction using a ‘multi-stone medium’ - usually consisting of soapstone, pyrophillite, alabaster and chlorite- which involves his self taught technique of intricately laminating layers of stone shapes to create a solid form, developed over years of experimentation and exploration.

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