Pierre Bedard was born on March 24th 1960 in Quebec City. His childhood was spent in Charlesbourg, a suburb of Quebec. From an early age he pursued an interest in drawing. Upon completing his elementary and secondary studies he began studying Applied Arts and guided by Gyslain Lefevre, a well-known water-colourist, he discovered the world of arts. Already he knew that he would devote his life to this field. Subsequently, he studied Plastic Arts at the Sainte-Foy College (CEGEP) in order to perfect his knowledge and learn more about the most famous of artists. His passion for painting brought him to leave Quebec in 1982 to go live in the Charlevoix region, the sighting point of many artists at the time. These acquaintances encouraged him to persevere. At that point painting became his sole daily occupation. He marvels at the splendours of the magnificent region, seeks to capture nature's most striking moments, and reproduces with great sensitivity the beauty of its hidden treasures.

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