Munamee Shaqu, Previously Sold Artwork

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Munamee Shaqu
soapstone (13x10x8 inch)
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Munamee Shaqu


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Elder/Carver - born 1917 Tikkut "I was the first man to go to Iqaluit alone without anyone telling me directions. I went overland, not by the coast. This was just after the 2nd World War, when we lived the old way, not the way we do now. It was when it was hard to get food. We live the Kabloona way of life now. The younger generation is living life now in a way that is different from my youth so that I'm living the white man's way through them. I was raised by older parents, so I heard a lot of stories from them. I had a father-in-law one time who was a shaman, his name was Alagook. The shamans were having a meeting to go tell the family they found a frozen man. They asked my father-in-law to take the man to his family. That man was frozen, but a spirit was moving through that frozen body, and there would be movement here and there in whatever part of his body, and finally the person who was frozen spoke, revived by the spirit."