Josh Prescott, Previously Sold Artwork

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Eagle Mask
Josh Prescott
Mixed Media (18x20x6 inch) 2006
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Josh Prescott


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Joshua Prescott is a young carver of Cree, Sioux, and Scottish descent. He was born in 1982 in the Sooke area of Vancouver Island, BC. Joshua has been carving since the age of 15 when his uncle, Greg Prescott, first started his training in the traditional ways of working wood. While in school Joshua was identified by art teacher Victor Newman as a talented young student. Mr. Newman sought out further training and apprenticeship opportunities for his gifted pupil. Master Carver John Livingston has been working with Joshua since November 1999 as teacher, mentor, and guide, providing Joshua with the opportunity to work in an active professional carving studio as an assistant on the major pieces created by John Livingston.