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Arid Hills
John Revill
Oil on Panel (10x8 in) 2015
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Groves Edge
John Revill
Oil on Panel (5x7 in) 2015
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Dawn Ascention
John Revill
Oil on Panel (12x30 in) 2014
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Under the Waterfall, There You Will Know
John Revill
Oil on Panel (35.5x29 in) 2013
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John Revill


Photo of John Revill

John Revill was born in Toronto in March, 1954. His family moved to the Okanagan Valley when he was five. He maintains that he was already looking at the world with an artist’s eye as a very small child. Being highly fascinated by the the smooth and continuous blending of colour in a mechanical toy top as it twirled, he wore the toy out with repeated use. His parents were forced to buy many such tops, as he never seemed to tire of watching this blend of colour.

During his late teens he embarked on a career as a painter. Although having never gone through formal studies in Fine Art, he developed his talents through the mentorship of other artists, through experience and his own extensive personal studies.

The work of painters such as Alex Colville, Salvador Dali, Lawren Harris and the Chinese landscape watercolourists of the Ming Dynasty have all influenced his technique and compositional style, as have the art forms of Canada’s West Coast Indigenous People. An over-arching love of nature, and appreciation of the beauty of the natural world is an equally important influence. Since his earliest career, Revill has fostered a spiritual quality in his painting which imbues his work with the otherworldly dream atmosphere.

John Revill continues to make the Okanagan Valley his home, and most of his work embraces the Okanagan landscape. His unique interpretation of landscape elements, in which the colours meld and twist not unlike his toy top, carry the viewer’s eyes to a hyper-reality. The forms and structures in his landscape paintings reflect John’s personality and character - at times in conflict and other times, at peace with life.


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