Harold Town, Previously Sold Artwork

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Untitled-Snap Series
Harold Town
Oil & Ground Tube Oil (60x60 in) 1976
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Harold Town

(1924 - 1990) RCA, OSA

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Born in 1924, Harold Town lived most of his life in Toronto. He studied at both Central Technical School and the Ontario College of Art and, upon graduating in 1945, became an accomplished illustrator for ad agencies and magazines such as Macleans and Mayfair.

In 1953 he was a founder and member of the Painters Eleven, a group of Toronto Abstract Expressionists which included Jack Bush, Oscar Cahen, William Ronald and Jock Macdonald. Painters Eleven took their cues from contemporary post-war American artists such as Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, and Jackson Pollock.



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