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White Raven
Greg Henderson
carved wood (7x22x7 in) 2012
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Greg Henderson


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Greg Henderson (Gwa'yum') Kwakwaka'wakw Artist Born and raised into the Laichwiltach/Nakwaxda'x culture on February 20, 1968, the youngest son of the late Ernie Henderson and grandson of the late master carver, Sam Henderson, Sr. Sam Henderson, Sr. was regarded amongst the chiefs to be a keeper of the culture and was raised and immersed in the old potlatch ways. He passed the traditional ways and understanding down to each of his 18 children and as a young boy, Greg was taught to respect the traditional ways and the importance of his culture. At the age of eight years, Greg began to learn to carve under the careful eye of his father, Ernie. His uncles, Bill and Mark Henderson, both eminent artists, became mentors to the boy. Greg worked for many years with the Salmon Fishery Industry and in 1997 began to fulfill his life-long dream to become a full-time artist. He has exhibited his work at major exhibitions in British Columbia, in Portland, Oregon and in Los Angeles, California. His totem poles have been commissioned internationally, and he has become a respected carver in his own right, working on major restoration projects for the Kwaguilth Nation.