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January Shield - Peter McConville

After experiencing one of the warmest winters on record, Peter McConville wanted to produce works that portrayed the quickly fading winter landscape on the Canadian Shield.

Artist Profile - Peter McConville

A mini doc on the life and creative process of Winnipeg artist Peter McConville.

Treehouse Study

Peter McConville

  • Acrylic (24x16 in) 2011
  • Sold

Peter McConville


Peter McConville was born in Banbridge, Northern Ireland in 1951. At fifteen he began his career in one of Ireland's textile print companies as a Textile Artist. The position offered professional art employment as well as the opportunity to study fine art and design one day a week at Lurgan College.

The printing process used in textile design influenced the artist’s method of breaking colour into solid shapes. Peter experimented with this technique creating surreal, dreamlike images. His earlier paintings were displayed in Belfast as part of juried shows. Northern Ireland's history - rich with culture and scarred with conflict - was evident in his earlier work. Peter immigrated to Winnipeg in 1974, returning to Banbridge in 1983. He remained there until 1986 when he moved to Kamloops, British Columbia. Peter returned to Winnipeg in 1992 and has lived and worked there since. Peter McConville's newest paintings explore the depth and mystery of the Canadian forest. In his words, "The fallen leaves and deadwoods feed the forest a reminder of the cycle of life. When I look into the forest, it reveals a wonderful range of deep rich colours. The bright orange, red and green leaves found in the forest make up a natural, complementary palette."