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Peter McFarlane
Polished Steel (19x32x5.5 in) 2015
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Peter McFarlane

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Peter McFarlane is a sculptor, painter, mixed media and installation artist. His major interest is transforming everyday obsolete objects into vivid, visually exceptional conceptual explorations. He often says "waste is just a lack of imagination!" He strives to remember an objects past as well as reconnect it to a new future within the viewers imagination. By "re-visioning" used, familiar objects back into a gallery setting, he invites a diverse audience to share their experiences with the work.
Peter McFarlane grew up in Montreal before relocating to various cities across Canada to pursue his passions. As a student, he was unusual in his dual passions for team sports and art. An avid hockey and rugby player, he was the only Varsity athlete enrolled in fine arts. He studied under a scholarship at The Banff School of Fine Arts and started his professional career in Toronto before moving to Salt Spring Island in the early 2000s.

On Peter’s Chainsaw Mask Series:

“The Chainsaw Mask series came about as a result of my connection to Pegasus Gallery on Salt Spring Island – a place I call home. The gallery has a vast collection of indigenous art and artifacts, and I was struck by how similar the shape of a Raven mask was to my chainsaw. As the first chainsaw "shape-shifted" into a metal mask in my studio, the play on ravens as "tricksters" and "gluttons" became obvious. The fate of "clear-cut forests" and "clear-cut cultures" literally seemed to hang in the raven's beak. I've included objects in the work that has transformed landscape, such as the chainsaw, machete, and various saws and blades and, as well, objects that speak symbolically to the loss of culture, history and technology as in the use of typewriter keys for feathers in 'Ravenous'.”